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Theological Puberty

Theology hijacks God

tortures everyone through

endless negotiations

declines ransom

and kills Him.


Let's riot!

Torch the brail libraries

of soteriological imperialists

who annex souls and bury the

sermon under the mount.


Logos is gutted in a logic gulag.

Love's verve heaves at the chains

of an –ology's self-aggrandizement

and not-so-subtly embezzled echoes.

From oceans of systematic backwash

swell counterfeit continents of dogma.


It's like this: once upon a time

God created a category for categories

and in a profoundly loving command

forbid the usurpation of their bounds.

But transgressions of knowledge

always occur in gardens of delight:

the uterus of sacred epistemology

was lashed open before the fullness

of time, aborted mystery writhing

under the microscope of “critical”

minds whose incestuous methods

need whipping into repentance

by a cat-o-nine gospel tales. 


All that need be preached

  —finally, powerfully—

is the bleeding mute Word

that hijackers in tweed blazers

crucify with their puny degrees

and newfangled myopias:

contagious forgiveness.


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