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Ever thought about going to the land of the Bible?

There’s no place like it—a tiny strip of land with major influence in history, culture, politics, and faith. Working with The Center for Holy Land Studies and local guides I lead groups to the Holy Land every year, taking American pilgrims to the places where the Bible actually happened. From the green mountains of Galilee in the north, to the sweep of Mediterranean coastline from which the apostles set sail, to the storied hills and valleys of Jerusalem itself—the epicenter of biblical faith—visiting Israel is an experience that will change you forever.


My trips come in two types: deluxe and budget. Deluxe trips are longer, slower paced, and include fancy hotels. Budget trips still see everything, but are a shorter, more energetic, and have modest lodging. (Keep things in perspective: the Israelites were in tents.) Registration for these trips prioritizes members of The Bay Church, where I am a pastor, but as room allows we welcome travelers from outside. Please reach out to me if you are interested.


Why should you choose me as your Israel guide? Because I know the land well, speak the language, and provide theological perspective beyond the standard archaeological facts. Between college and graduate school I lived three years in Jerusalem, studying Modern Hebrew at The Hebrew University and working in the city. During that time I took several intensive courses in the historical geography of Israel, exploring every nook and cranny of the land from the border with Lebanon in the north to the oasis of Eilat in the desert south. I’ve camped and hiked, alone and in groups, in every part of the country. I know the land and its layered stories well.


But a trip to Israel is about more than knowledge. It’s about love. The first time I went I simply fell in love—with the land itself, with the Bible, and with the God of the Bible. I want to help you fall in love too.  

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